Bremerton – Silverdale:

Bremerton, located in Kitsap County is a short 30 minute ferry ride across Puget Sound to downtown Seattle. Rather than spending time in a car during rush hour commuters can enjoy a latte, WIFI, and gorgeous views of the Seattle skyline on their way to work. Bremerton’s largest employer is the Federal Government with Naval Base Kitsap, which comprises several assets including the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton Naval Station, Bangor Submarine base, and home port to the USS Nimitz, the Navy’s largest active aircraft carrier. Forbes ranks Bremerton in the top 20% of the nation’s Best Small Places For Business And Careers. Like Bremerton, Silverdale is also a coastal city, just 10 minutes north. Silverdale contains Kitsap County’s only mall and is the location of the new Harrison Hospital and Medical Center, which serves a 3 county region. Both cities offer views of Puget Sound, the Cascade Mountains and Mt. Rainier, have small-town character and excellent outdoor recreation.


Highly Ranked Public Schools:

Silverdale is home to Central Kitsap Middle School and High School, two of Washington’s higher ranking public schools. Central Kitsap Middle School is rated top 15% of best public middle schools in Washington. It has 489 students in grades 7-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 21 to 1. Central Kitsap High School is in the top 10% of Washington’s best public high schools and best college prep public high schools. It has 1,442 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 22 to 1.


City of the Arts and Culture:

The city of Bremerton has a vibrant Arts District with fine art galleries, the Puget Sound Navy Museum, USS Turner Joy & Museum, Aurora Valentinetti Puppet Museum and Evergreen Children’s Theatre, and two performing arts venues. Additionally, Bremerton is home to one of the Puget Sound region’s most impressive public spaces, Harborside Fountain Park, which is located on the waterfront and features five large copper-ringed fountains, wading pools, and lush landscaping. Southern Methodist University’s National Center for Arts Research 2017 Arts Vibrancy Index, which ranks more than 900 communities across the country, examining the level of supply, demand, and government support for the arts in each city ranks Bremerton-Silverdale 6th in the country. The study also found that Bremerton-Silverdale is in the top 5% of communities that provide funding and government support for nonprofit arts and cultural programming.


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